Rohit Jalan

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About me


NFT Artist and UX Designer based in India who is passionate about rendering unseen cosmic giants and creating perpetual experiences through art and design.

Did someone say multiple hats?



NFT Artist
​User Experience
​User Interface
3D Generalist
and motion designer
Web3 and metaverse is my new address and my favourite place to be, currently working on exploring the uncharted cosmos via tokens on SuperRare 💎
Self taught UX designer whos in love with Design Sprints and skipping out the boring work and diving deep into tangible prototypes.
Goes hand in hand with UX, UI is inherited to me because of my 8 years of being into Graphic Design.
I failed in 3rd semester of photography and lead the class by the 4th semester. Should prob. tell you about my dedication to photography
A fun fact, I started with doing 3D design and then started with 2D. You get the powers of the god where you can shape the world however you want.
The sum of all of the above, holding a gold medal in design 🥇and over 8 years of self learnt design should tell you why I persued my career in it.

A few of my selected collections.


Feel free to take a peek at my soul 👋


I also do photography sometimes

I taught my camera how to take good photos 📸


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